BeeB's Vintage Closet

Welcome to B’s vintage closet! Oh how we love all things vintage. When creating B So Chic!, we didn’t exactly want to incorporate this section. In fact, it wasn’t until we took inventory of everything we had and realized that our shelves were full of great stuff. We hadn’t quite figured out what do with it but knew that we didn’t want to just keep it stored. Our vision was to simply do designer. After sitting on the seesaw for a while, we finally thought it would be great to add vintage items, designer and non, to our (and your) daily perusing.

So, here it is. Items offered here are fun, some unworn & new, some gently worn or just plain great vintage pieces we’ve come across. From Sarah Conventry exclusive jewelry and snakeskin clutches made for Saks to perfectly woven bags by KORET. There’s nothing like coming across an original 1970’s pair of BIG Christian Dior sunglasses from the '70s, in better shape and craftsmanship than their contemporaries (we did find these!). It’s just a great feeling! Like our designer offerings, some of the vintage pieces are consigned by fashion conscious women cleaning out their closets. All others are fabulous pieces we’ve found while shopping. We’re good at racking up on gorgeous and timeless pieces, even if they’re as old as your grandma’s favorite handbag. And by the way, don’t be alarmed at our ability to find just what you’re looking for, right here in D.C., the most political city in the world. Just because we’re overloaded with lawyers, politicians and the President, doesn’t mean that we don’t love fashion, non-partisan fashion that is!! Click on the Vintage button to your left to see!