BeeSize & Condition

Marilyn Monroe was a size 14.


Eventually, we find a brand we really like and all the pieces fit just fine, but somehow the sizing is off a bit; in a good for the ego way. We could name a few that have adopted the philosophy,  *smaller is better *, when sizing their apparel. It's called  *subliminal marketing *. We've all fallen victim to it; but it's OK! Sometimes we want to know we can fit a size 4 in Monday's black suit, when on Thursday, our size 8 is so noticeable. So in consideration of the feel good strategy, we need to let you know that not all designers or brands size the same. In our apparel, if the size stated runs smaller or bigger than what we have learned is  *standard * (there is NO industry standard), it will be noted. This is especially true of vintage pieces. Cuts in the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and even some 80's, are sized much larger than our contemporaries. Where we see necessary, we will state the exact measurements of items, both modern and vintage. When we give you pant measurements, it is from the inseam (crotch) to hem.

Shoes are another thing too. We all have different feet. Feet in general are not cute so don't try to squeeze your toezies in a shoe you KNOW is too small, even if it's by 2 inches. Preserve those bad boys. And then, remember that vintage shoes are very different in size and cuts than our modern kicks. Your size 7.5 in this season's shoe is not the same size 7.5 in your buy from the 60's. Consider needing a vintage shoe about Ω size larger than your true size in today's shoe. Remember this: happy feet will take you around the world; be kind to them.

Below is a size chart for both apparel and shoes. We incorporate Italian, as many designer labels give Italian sizes, American, European and British. If at any time, you are unsure about the size of a piece or pair of shoe, send an email. We'll be glad to give you more detail and help you figure it out.


American Italian Euro British
2 36 4 32
4 38 6 34
6 40 8 36
8 42 10 38
10 44 12 40
12 46 14 42
14 48 16 44


American Italian Euro
5 35 2.5
6 36 3.5
7 37 4.5
8 38 5.5
9 39 6.5
10 40 7.5
11 41 8.5


By the time you get to reading this section, you're probably like  *is all this necessary *? Yup! We want to make sure you know what you're buying, how good it's going to look on you and how long it's going to last you. It's all part of us helping you become a smarter and savvier shopper (not that you already weren't). Since you're not at Neiman's touching and trying on, consider this your fitting room.

There's not much to tell you about the condition of a new item, so we won't. Well except to say that not all brand new items have original tags. If they do, trust us, we want you to know. Vintage, resale or consigned items that have been worn are a different story. In all cases, keep in mind that we only buy and offer items that are quality and in wearable, durable & clean condition. We never offer items that are just plain ugly or unwearable. Also, some vintage items don't have their original designer labels on them. We don't guess or make one up for the sake of it. We'll let you know if no label is on it. You'll notice that our item descriptions include its general condition. Words like  *brand new *,  *excellent *,  *unworn *,  *good * and  *gently worn/loved * are very common. Therefore, we should clarify so you know what we mean.

Excellent: almost new. Little show of use. No stains, discolorations, smells, rips or tearing. May have a minor nail scratch on leather. Pretty much, worn but just barely. As if you took it to the cleaners thrice, washed in washing machine once.

Unworn: this can apply to vintage or modern. An unworn item is new by virtue of being unworn, not by age. Unworn apparel dose not have original tags. Unworn shoes may or may not come in original shoe- box. Generally, in excellent condition with no visible use.

Good: shows normal wear. Shoes may have a slight nick in the heel. Clothes may have barely visible pulled thread. May have normal, light fading from washing. Leather may be distressed and creased. Bags' interior may have a pen mark. Still no odor or rips.

Gently worn: not new, not excellent. Displays use. This item may be a piece that got worn 3x a month, but well cared for. May have a subtle, barely visible to the onlooker, stain. Leather products show handling but no tearing.

We hope you find this helpful. If you still need some more detail, send an email and we'll be as more specific as humanly possible. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. We know that on-line shopping is a huge phenomenon but sometimes you just don't know. We are here to answer ALL types of questions. Nothing is a silly or unnecessary.

Hey, happy shopping!

* For now, all sizing refers to women's apparel and shoes. Men's sizing will be posted at the same time our men's selection is offered.