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NICOLE MILLER Ocean Silk Yoke Skirt

With the weather at 100 degrees plus these days, you want to be clear of anything touching you. And it’s worse when you jump into a cab in Manhattan where the seats are leather (or pleather in some cases). Those 10 minutes going uptown are spent fanning yourself instead of confirming your 6 o’clock waxing appointment. You want your legs and arms and other little things to breath! Don’t you? The heat wave is not cool! Literally. A skirt is not always the answer to your summer day’s blues, but this might keep you a bit relaxed. Breath baby, breath. No pulling down, no pulling up, no tugging. Just there moving when you move. Not to mention its aqua color will surely mentally place you on South Beach and not the Village on a rainy day. Stitched panels lay across asymmetrically. 100% silk. Snap button closure on side. Drop yoke extending 3” for a length of 24”. Dry clean only. Size 8. Brand new with tags. Retails for $175.

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