Is your closet, armoire or wardrobe busting at the seams? Do you have a piece that is so passé for your own sense of style, but a classic for someone else? Sell it here! We will gladly consign your unwanted items & offer them up for someone else to enjoy; and why not make some extra cash while at it?

Please know that our clients have quality expectations and can express special shopping needs. We have evaluated the preferences of our shoppers, enabling us to advise you if your items are acceptable for consignment or not. We take pride in offering top quality vintage pieces & designer labels, pre-loved & sometimes new items. Therefore, we only accept items in resalable, wearable condition and excellent quality (think of you as the buyer). We hope you understand that there may be an item(s) we can not accept, in which case we will notify you.

Consigned items are offered for 60 days in our shop. If your items sell, profits are split 50/50 between B So Chic! and you. Items not sold after 60 days will be marked down by 25% for 30 additional days. After that time, items not sold will either (i) become property of B So Chic!, or (ii) at your request and expense, be returned to you.

If interested in consigning with us, please email us at Upon review, we will contact you regarding your items and our procedures to get your items to us.

All consignors must sign a B So Chic! Consignment contract before an item can be placed in the boutique. Once items are received, will host them online for 90 days. Upon receipt and inventory, you will receive an itemized list of accepted items and asking price. Items will be available for sale on the site within one week of their arrival to B So Chic!

Checks in payment of your sold items will be issued and sent out on or around the 15th of each month to the address you provide in your contract. You will only receive financial related paperwork from us if you have items that sold during that time period. Should you have any questions about your account, please feel free to CONTACT US.