My AHA Moment!

I remember begging my mother for the cutest outfit I’d ever seen for a 12 year old. I was sure to be considered my classes’ “Best Dressed”. Was I ever so wrong! The outfit: a denim mini ruffle skirt from the GAP that I immediately tie-dyed with rings of bleach and a hot pink double layer shirt. The shoes: purple LA Gear suede nubucks! Can you envision it!!?? That outfit haunts me still today!

Fortunately, I have to my benefit, (and my girlfriends') creatively evolved into a soi-dissant compulsive shopper and now consider myself a conscious fashionista. After 9 years of working in the legal field where I couldn’t wear cuffed jeans with long tunics and chunky sweaters to layer, I realized that my hour lunches weren’t spent eating skim salads and chips, rather trekking the streets of D.C. in an effort to expand my non-corporate wardrobe. I used to have a passion for law and jurisprudence. What I really have is a passion for the law of dressing up and bargain shopping!

So after long discussions with family, friends and even co-workers, I was inspired to rechannel my uncontrollable spending habits into creating B So Chic! A Designer & Vintage Resale Boutique. This wasn’t a whimsical vision, rather a deep interest in changing the way we, you, modern day women shop, dress and overall present ourselves. I am here to help revolutionize the well-clad woman. I want to help shape our perspective & approach to “always being a lady”. Dress up for you; put your pearls on for you; look sexy for you!! You my dear shopping sister are beautiful and chic!

This is what B So Chic! is all about. Our goal is to inspire you to shop smart by offering you apparel and accessories that represent your own sense of style. We strive to find the chicest things and best deals out there! Our inventory comes from all over the place, little crevices, and nooks that only we can hit up for a special price. There’s nothing better than finding that special piece at an unbelievable price (thus the girl's “ooh” expression). We take pride in offering the best to you. What we offer will always be at least 40% less than retail so you don’t go broke. So, go ahead, venture out, look around and when you find that piece, new or vintage, Dior or not, indulge, treat yourself and feel special when rockin’ it! You know you want it! Oh and yes, don’t forget to click the “Buy” cocktail hat.

With Fashionable Love, Always,

B So Chic!